How to Market Your Coffee Shop on a Budget in the UK – The Ultimate Guide to Overcrowded Place

How to Market Your Coffee Shop on a Budget in the UK – The Ultimate Guide to Overcrowded Place

The Ultimate Guide to Overcrowded Place

If you want to have a crowded coffee shop, you will need to figure out how to bring and attract people to your place. There are literally hundreds of different marketing and advertising strategies you can make use of, and the ones you will choose will probably highly depend on your budget.

In our today’s guide, we will focus on showing you how to market your coffee shop if you are running your operations on a tight budget. We believe there are a lot of strategies that could work even if you have a budget lower than $100.

The key lies in knowing what makes people thick and knowing what is that one thing that will get them to come and drink coffee at your place.

And working on a low budget is not a thing you are supposed to be stressing about. By some recent survey, 40% of the coffee shops have spent $0 on advertising. You might wonder how can a coffee shop with no budget allocated for marketing actually survive in a multi-million dollar industry.

Let us show you a couple of marketing tactics that will help you attract people to your coffee shop.

Captivating Storefronts

The easiest and simplest way to attract people is to make your coffee shop look interesting to those passing by.

One of the most recent surveys asked the customers to remember when was the last time they went to a new coffee shop and how did they find it.

Most people actually found it by passing through that location.

How Can You Make Your Storefront More Appealing?

The first thing that probably comes to mind is signage. Even though most people are ignoring them nowadays, a lot of coffee shops still find them to be very important.

Signage can and should help direct traffic and clearly show where the coffee shop is located.

Another great method is to offer them free samples standing outside or near the coffee shop. This is a fantastic way to introduce people to your shop and products you have.

Also, it is quite important that your coffee shop has a nice visual appeal. You want customers to come to your place? You need to stand out.

You do not need to be extremely creative to make your storefront appealing. A new sign on the sidewalk or repainted storefront will do the work, as well.

Word of Mouth


People often underestimate the importance of word of mouth method in marketing. When approaching this method, think of every customer that walks into your coffee shop as a potential marketing medium.

People talk, and you know that. But people also trust their friends and family more than they trust commercials or any other form of advertising.

If you ask people about their favorite coffee shop and how did they come up to spending so much time there, the second most popular answer would be that they have been brought by a friend.

That is why creating a good customer experience is of the utmost importance. Make people feel like they are at home and they will tell everyone else how they were treated. The truth is, people can’t wait to share how awesome is that new coffee shop around the corner or how they got a free cup of coffee on the house. I am not saying you should buy everyone a cup of coffee all the time, but giving a treat to a customer here and there might not be the worst idea after all.

Consider it like a bribe. Certain coffee shops are not hesitating to openly offer a bribe saying that if a customer brings a friend, they will get a free cup of coffee.

Word of mouth does not stop with customers who are actually brought to your place for the first time. It starts with letting people know you exist. And the best way for them to find out is from an influential person in the area.

Today, there are so many bloggers and influencers out there who would be willing to try your food or drink your coffee for free and in exchange, they will tell everyone about the awesomeness of your coffee shop.

And by far the best way to spread the good word of mouth is to actually listen to customer feedback and make them feel appreciated. If they, for example, let you know that chairs in your coffee shop are not comfortable and you get that from more than one customer, it is obvious that you need to make a change. Once you do, people who gave you that feedback will be happy you listened to them and you can openly ask them whether they like new chairs better. Make every customer feel special.

Social Media


Who is not spending time on social media nowadays? Do not forget about what platforms you can use and there is a big choice. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube to begin with.

And you might wonder how to actually use all of these platforms to bring customers. The key lies in acting as a human, not a company. If you are presenting yourself as a company who exists only to transfer money from a customer’s pocket to your pocket, you are going to look bad instantly.

You must not forget that behind every Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account is sitting a human being. If someone posts something on your Facebook page, make an effort to respond. Encourage people to try new things, spend money on promoting your products in coffee and attract people to your coffee shop.

Also, do not forget an important thing of being active on social media before you open. A lot of businesses go wrong about this and they start focusing on bringing people only after they open their place. This is wrong because you want people in for the grand opening and having an empty coffee shop on the first day will certainly be bad for your self-esteem and your reputation.

When posting on social media, make sure you are posting frequently. It’s your goal for people to see you every day, see what you are up to and be informed of any changes. They need to know you are open for them and the best way for them to know is for you to deliver the news on their social media accounts.

Community Outreach

Participate in local events and build out your brand in the community. People depend a lot on what will community say and seeing your brand out there will certainly draw them closer to your coffee shop.

There are multiple ways you can do community outreach and one of the best methods is to do a soft opening and host multiple events at your place before your grand opening.

This will provide you with feedback, you can see people’s reactions and you can see how your staff works together on serving potential customers.

Besides events, you can also host workshops and expose more people to your brand.

You can also make donations to nonprofit organizations in your local area. These organizations will be thankful, they will be willing to expose your brand to a large audience and they may even become regular customers. Another great example is giving out free coffee to teachers at a local school. It might doesn’t sound as a good idea to give out free coffee and free snacks everywhere you go, but trust us on this, it is. It’s a good trade now. You may lose $2 now but you might gain a lifetime customer who will spend hundreds or thousands of dollars at your place.

Get Quality Reviews

People lean on a lot on what other people are saying and having dozens of quality and positive customer reviews will do a lot of good to you.

Never argue with an unsatisfied customer on the Internet. That will destroy your reputation and you may lose more than one customer. It is in your best interest to serve and listen to every customer even when they are not right.

Also, a good tactic is to encourage people to leave customer reviews at places like Facebook or Yelp. As previously said, every customer is a potential marketing medium and using them to additionally promote your coffee shop is of the highest importance.

Again, it’s not a bad idea if you bribe your customers to get quality reviews. You can offer discounts or coupons for every person who leaves a 5-star review on Yelp.

Summing Up

We hope this post helped you realize how little is needed for you to successfully market your coffee shop and how you do not need to buy a super bowl ad to find new customers.

The essence of a quality coffee shop is a good customer experience and quality coffee.

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