India Monsoon Malabar Green Coffee Beans

India Monsoon Malabar Green Coffee Beans

Indian coffee, in my experience is usually pretty strong in flavour, but also quite delicious. This applies to coffees such as India Cherry, and also to the coffee I am talking about today, India Monsoon Malabar.

The India Monsoon Malabar is the result of the “monsooning process”.

The coffee is exposed to Monsoon winds and high moisture, stripping away the green colour from the coffee beans and making them rather smooth, large and pale in colour compared to before the monsooning process. You will also find a reduction in the caffeine content.

India Monsoon is made from Arabica AB Cherry coffee beans that have already undergone a dry processing. You will find that only the best of the India Cherry beans are used in this Monsooning process.

It can take up to 16 weeks to complete this process.

How to roast it?

On my first roast with these beans, I found them to be a lot more susceptible to hot spots. I solved this issue by roasting at a lower temperature overall than I would with other beans.

Other than that, my roaster also has quite a high RPM, allowing the beans to be circulated more frequently at a higher temperature without scortching.

Trial and error will be your friend, this is one of the harder coffees to roast in my experience. Easy to over-roast/burn but worth the challenge!

How does the finished cup taste?

It is a deep flavour that shows earthy, spicy notes and a terrific thick feeling when sliding down the throat. I prefer this coffee medium roasted, and as a filter coffee rather than an espresso, but that is just personal preference!

Where can I find it?

Easiest question yet: Just click here.

You will be redirected to Cafe Hormozi where you can find great quality roasted and green coffee beans. They are based in Kent, UK.

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