Fantastic Location Ideas for Your Coffee Business

Fantastic Location Ideas for Your Coffee Business

It’s difficult to start a coffee business and make a profit if you choose a wrong location. This is why we think this element is of the crucial importance. Before you choose a location, you need to be equipped with knowledge on where to look, what you should find and conduct a quality research that will tell you more about your competitors and how their locations led to success.

We’ve looked through a lot of businesses in the UK to determine how location influences success and we came up with a lot of ideas that could help you start a successful coffee business.

It does not matter whether you are looking to start a café or coffee stand, we know that some locations are simply better than others. It’s a fact based on hours spent on researching what is already out there.

Of course, choosing the right location is not the only factor that will impact your business especially because you need to be thinking about real estate prices, rules, taxes and all the other possible legal and administrative issues.

Here are some of the locations you should be thinking about:

  • Set up Your Coffee Shop or Coffee Stand Close to a Library


This is a great location for a coffee business because there is always a lot of students and young adults who need a cup of coffee to go through the process of studying. The chances are that there is already a coffee shop set up near your closest library, but if there is not, this is the perfect opportunity for you. If there is, you will be able to see a crowded coffee shop.

Most of the libraries are also set up around local high schools and colleges, and those places are crowded with students so this should be your first choice.

  • Setup a Coffee Shop Close to a Bookstore

Sometimes, people incorporate these two by creating a bookstore with a coffee shop because these two go perfectly together. Success is guaranteed so if you know a bookstore in your town that is not surrounded with at least one coffee shop or coffee stand, you just hit the jackpot.

  • Setup a Coffee Shop Near a Post Office

A place like a post office attracts a lot of people who are mostly traveling on foot so a coffee stand instead of a coffee shop might be a tad better choice. We are certain that this may require additional analysis depending on where the post office is located. Whatever you choose, high traffic is guaranteed.

  • A Coffee Shop Close to a Pet Grooming Business

Maybe you haven’t expected to see this on the list if you do not have a pet. If you do, then in most cases, when you drop off your pet for grooming, you are going to try to find a coffee shop where you can cut some time. This also requires an additional analysis because you want to find a pet grooming business that is growing and has a regular stream of customers.

  • Coffee Shops and Boutiques Compliments Each Other


Most people love drinking coffee when shopping, and it is sort of difficult not having a cup of coffee when looking to buy gifts or certain items. A coffee shop should only be set up in a case with more than one boutique at a place because that is what attracts more people on a daily basis.

  • All-Night Laundry Mats Are a Great Idea

If you are regularly going to a laundry mat, you are surely spending 2-3 hours on average washing your clothes or waiting to be dried. Having a cup of coffee at those moments or something to eat alongside with it is a fantastic idea.

  • Consider Museums

These are also places that attract a ton of people. Some of the museums you are visiting already have a coffee shop incorporated, which only proves how successful and profitable this business can be. If you establish a coffee stand or a coffee business near some cultural center, your profits will most certainly go through the roof, and your place will be flooding with traffic.

  • And Game Stores and Comic Book Shops

These two also attract a lot of traffic (if they are popular) and we give a slight advantage to game stores because they are becoming really popular these days.

  • Close to a Sandwich Shop

This only works if a sandwich shop is not serving coffee and if you are not going to serve food. In a lot of towns, you will get an opportunity to see a coffee shop close to a sandwich shop or some other eatery because these two go quite well together.

  • Card and Paper Shops

It has been proved as profitable in some cases if that particular shop attracts enough people to it. However, it certainly can’t live up to setting up a coffee shop near a library so this shouldn’t be one of your first choices. And it will require a lot of analysis and researching of a shop before you open it up.

  • Close to a Movie Theatre

Most of the movie theaters already serve coffee, but if you manage to find one that doesn’t, you will surely have a steady customer base who will be regularly visiting your coffee shop before or after seeing a movie.

  • Near an Art Gallery

Same as with museums, art galleries bring a lot of daily traffic. Provide them a chance to grab a cup of coffee, and you will definitely profit.

We would also love to point out a couple of things you should be aware of.

What Are Your Costs?

Your costs will definitely determine whether you can afford a specific location. Will you need a loan? Do you need a buildout and can you afford it? Figure out these numbers before you decide to sign a lease. You need to be a good analyst or hire people who know how to work with finances.

Can You Fit Your Concept?

Even if you find a perfect location that you assume it will be crowded, you will need to think whether that place will fit your concept. If you have previously designed your concept, you will certainly have to edit at least slightly before you decide on a location. You also need to think about the place for storage. As your shop keeps growing, you will probably expand and buy additional equipment so think upfront about all of these things.

How Are Your Customers Going to Park?

Ideas we have presented above are all suited for foot traffic, but you need to include this factor as well, because thinking about practicality of parking access can influence your success in a major way.

Summing Up

We come to the end of this article hoping you are richer with few more location ideas where you can set up your coffee shop or coffee stand.

Keep in mind that if you decide to start a coffee shop near a specific place, like a bookstore or an art gallery, you can always talk to the owners and discuss how your businesses can complement each other. A lot of these businesses would be happy to have a neighbor that sells coffee as that will keep a lot of people close to them.

Location is not the only factor that will determine your final success, but it is one of the major. So be careful and take ideas we gave you to make your dream come true.

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