Ethiopia Djimmah Origin Roasted Coffee

Ethiopia Djimmah Origin Roasted Coffee

What is it?

Ethiopia Djimmah is an intense African coffee with strong chocolate flavour. The conditions in Ethiopia are perfect for growing coffee beans which allows for premium brewed coffee. The spicy aroma and strong smell work together to give an incredible coffee drinking experience. It features an incredible crema, and quite a thick feeling down the throat.

Where is it from?

Djimmah is a city near Kaffa and is considered one of the places that could possible have been the birthplace of coffee, perhaps the original coffee?

Rubin’s opinion?

I like this coffee as a light roast, even a medium roast but prefer not to take this too dark as it loses some of that chocolate flavour and focuses more on the spiciness.

It is a pretty decent all day coffee as espresso or filter coffee, but probably no point putting this in a latte or cappuccino.

What is it similar to?

It tastes a lot like Kenya, probably because they are both African coffees. I do think the Kenyan tastes a little bit better but heck, that is all personal preference.

Where can we buy this?

Well, you can visit, or click here.

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