Cafe Hormozi House Blend

Cafe Hormozi House Blend

Cafe Hormozi’s house blend is a very popular coffee found in cafes and restaurants all around London.

A lovely mix of Arabicas and Robustas, in a way that is reminiscent of Spanish and Italian coffee. Strong but also sweet and delicious, not bitter at all. The colour is a medium-dark, which probably is the best choice for this specific mix of beans. It seems as though the strong flavours of the robusta are developed but not yet dark enough to start showing burnt notes or bitterness.

If you want to try it for yourself you can find Cafe hormozi’s samples here.

They will send you 150g for you to try, and their prices in general are quite fair.

If you want to buy the House blend, you can find that here.

I will next talk about their Ethiopia Djimmah, Colombia Excelso and Royal blend.

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